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Ambassador’s Guide to a Huge Holiday Income: Black Friday 2018

Ambassador's Guide to a huge holiday income Black Friday 2018Black Friday - Cyber Monday (BFCM) weekend is the Mecca of all sales; especially when it comes to online retail boutiques.  This article was designed as a quick read to get you up to speed on what ROX is offering this holiday season, and how you, as an ambassador can take advantage of our holiday boom in sales and generate a huge holiday income in the process.

How you can make major money as an ambassador:

Last year, ~ 90% of our total sales were made during the weekend of Black Friday through Cyber Monday.  What that means is that even if you haven’t made a single sale since becoming an ambassador, that doesn’t mean you won’t make a killing over those 4 days!  That’s because this is the time of year that PEOPLE. WANT. TO. BUY. THINGS.

Promote your 30% (that’s right!) off code to your followers

On the email that is titled “ “, we have sent you your updated 30% off ambassador discount code and link to share with your followers.  These codes are active from November 23rd, 2018 12:00 AM CT – November 26th, 11:59 PM CT and apply to EVERYTHING on the site! We’re also doing free shipping to the USA (check out our next section on selling points to share on your posts.)  You’ll make $5.00 for each jewelry item sold with your code + $2.00 for each other item sold (or $7.50 for each jewelry item sold + $3.00 for each other item if you chose to be paid in store credit)!

Share this code in your Instagram stories and tag us @roxjewelryshop! We’ll be trying to repost all of the codes we can, and are advertising for people to check our story all weekend for 30% off discount codes!

Next-level: If your Instagram account has the ability to add links when you swipe up in your story, then add the link to your 30% off code in there! That link automatically adds your discount to your customer’s cart so everyone wins!  Where do you find the link? Find the email we sent you on Monday, November 19th, 2018 with the Subject: " " Your link can be found ____

When someone asks you for gift ideas, give them ideas from our site!

The next time someone says “I have no idea what to get my mom/sister/best friend/grandma/cat/etc for a gift!” Suggest something from our site.  This doesn’t have to be phony at all–we have hundreds of items that are hand picked to cater to a wide audience! Bonus points: share your code with them! Not only do you make $$$ when they buy, but they’ll appreciate that you also just hooked them up with a discount.  AKA everyone wins!

Been eyeing something from our site?  Ask for it as a gift!

Next time someone asks you what you want for Christmas, save yourself the awkward "I don't know, let me get back to you," and be prepared!  Take a minute or two to through our site and find items on that you would really like, but probably wouldn't buy for yourself. People love knowing that they're getting you something you actually want–so take the guesswork out of it for them!

You can use your own 30% off code to make $$ when holiday shopping.

Think about things on our site that you think would genuinely make a good gift for someone.  Not only can you use your 30% off code (without having to promote the items you buy) you also save an additional $2.00 - $5.00 per item (or $3.00 - $7.50 per item if you chose the store credit option), because you get paid that money back!  Double-bonus: when they love their gift, and you tell them where you got it, they’ll become familiar with the brand and are statistically 50% more likely to buy through your ambassador codes in the future!  

Read our last article on 8 things you can do to up your ambassador sales!

These things SERIOUSLY work and can be found at this link 
Don't believe me? Just ask ambassador Roxanne from Eagle Pass, USA. She shared her link on Facebook, and within 24 hours had the largest non-wholesale order ROX has ever had: totaling 15 items in one order! 

Selling points to Share with your followers:

In this section, we’ll share with you what ROX is offering during BFCM weekend.  These selling points are great things to mention to your followers, friends, and family!

Selling Point #1: Ambassador discounts are going up from 15% to 30%!

On the email that is titled “ “ we have sent you your updated 30% off ambassador discount code to share with your followers.  These codes are active from November 23rd, 2018 12:00 AM CT - November 26th, 11:59 PM CT and apply to EVERYTHING on the site!

Selling Point #2: ROX is offering FREE Standard Shipping to the USA!

From November 23rd, 2018 12:00 AM CT - November 26th, 11:59 PM CT standard shipping of all items shipping to the United States will be free!  That means your customers get 30% off and free shipping. How awesome is that?

Selling Point #3: Your customer gets to give back to the charity of THEIR choice!

This time of year tends to bring out the best in people.  I mean the word Giving is literally in Thanksgiving. Letting people know that they’re gift giving also gives back is huge!  Tags like #givingbackROX or #thegiftthatgivesback are great for generating interest around the holidays.

Selling Point #4: This is a 4 day long sale!

Almost no other stores are doing a sale that lasts this long.  So you can advertise on all the days to get a sale!


So go out there and make some money–there's no reason why you can't roll in the dough this holiday season, and we all believe in you!  Happy Holidays!

– Taylor Watts, Founder & SheEO, ROX Jewelry LLC

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