How To Make Passive Income as a Brand Ambassador Using Pinterest

How to earn passive income as a brand ambassador for ROX Jewelry Using Pinterest

Why do this?

  • You make money whenever someone uses your 15% off discount code. 
  • This method automatically adds that discount to someone's cart, so all the sales that come through your pins put money in your pocket. 
  • The more pins you make, the more likely a pin is to go viral.  Viral Pins = Large Payday.
  • Takes less than 1 minute per pin and pins don't go away.  Successful pins can create income for years after they are pinned without you having to spend any more time on them.

How to do this (Simplified directions)

If you have questions about any of the steps below, we have broken each step down in detail below in Parts 1-3, for your reference.

1. Download the photo you want to pin from our website, save it with a name that has good SEO.

2. Replace the red text in this URL with your 15% off code and product handle for the item you are pinning:

3. Create a pin on Pinterest using the photo, URL, and a search-friendly title/description.

 Not a brand ambassador yet?  Apply here to become one!

Part 1: Find and Download the Photo for Your Pin

  • Find a Photo of an Item that you like on our website. 
  • Click on the photo so that it is the largest photo on the page. (Figure 1)
  • Right Click the large photo you select and Select Save Image As…  (Figure 2)
    •  Note: When you right click, the image will zoom in, that is normal and doesn’t affect the image saving process
  • When saving the image, use a file name with good SEO
    • Good File Name Example: Braided Rose Gold Choker that Gives Back to Charity – Great Holiday Gift Ideas for Her – High Quality Jewelry Under $50
    • Bad File Name Example: IMG_5802

Figure 1

 Figure 2

Part 2: Create Discount Link

The URL template you will use is:

Replace the red values with your 15% off ambassador code and the handle of the product you're pinning, respectively.

  • To find your 15% off code: If you were accepted into the program, you received an email from us at with 15% off code in it.  This code is found in the first paragraph of that email (Figure 3)
  • To find the handle: look the URL in the address bar of the product page. All of the text (including dashes "-" if applicable) after the last "/" in the URL is the handle. (Figure 4)

Example: Let's say that you're 15% off code was testcode and the handle of the item you're pinning is megan, then your link would be:

Figure 3 Figure 4 

Step 3: Make the Pin

  • Go to and create a new pin by clicking on the + that is red in the top right-hand corner (Figure 5) 
  • Use the photo you downloaded, put in the link you created, and write a title/description (Figure 5)
  • Select a board to pin to and push the red publish button (Figure 6)
Figure 5 Figure 6 

You’re done! Now if someone clicks on the pin, it automatically adds your 15% off ambassador code to their checkout and you get paid if they purchase.  The more pins you make, the higher your potential earnings!


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