5 Ways to Give Back in Your Community Without Spending a Penny

5 Five Ways to Give Back in Your Community Without Spending a Penny - ROX Jewelry Shop

"To move forward, you have to give back.”
-Oprah Winfrey


Want to give back, but feel like you don't have enough money to make an impact? Wrong! Time is a precious currency, and helping others leads to a richness of life that goes beyond mere worldly whims. We want you to revel in the riches, without breaking the bank. Here's five ideas of things you can do to start giving back to your community today:    

1. Volunteer at a local school

If you love hanging with kiddos, then this is an amazing opportunity for you! Many schools need extra help in their classrooms. Whether you’re reading to children or helping out in the copy room, any extra work that can be done will improve the school’s environment. Children need positive, caring, and selfless role models in their lives, especially in today’s world. A day spent helping in your community is a day spent changing the lives of our future generation.

2. Build a home, literally.

Habitat for Humanity is an organization that allows you to volunteer within your community to help build homes for families in need. Not only do you help put a roof over someone’s head, but you also get to meet some amazing people while learning extremely useful skills.  Here’s something to sweeten the deal: Habitat for Humanity usually offers these opportunities on the weekend-- so if you’ve had a hard week at work or school, you can hammer out some of those bad vibes.

3. Volunteer at the local animal shelter

If you’re the kind of person that , then you should volunteer to help out at your local animal shelter. Shelters are always seeking help. From giving love to the animals, to helping clean up, your dedication is surely appreciated. Although you may be assigned to some less-than-glamorous tasks, you are helping create a safe and healthy environment for the animals. Plus, you get to be around the little cute furballs (and sometimes play with them!)--what’s better than that?

4. Visit your elders

From personal experience, we can say that visiting seniors at the local nursing home has created some of our most fond memories. Not only do you have the opportunity to make someone else's day, but your day will be made too. Senior communities contain wonderful people with a lifetime of knowledge and experiences to share, and they love to see young and lively faces around every once in awhile! While you’re getting to converse with the older generation, I can promise that you will receive some helpful life advice. Visiting the senior citizens also puts your own life in perspective. How do you want to view yourself towards your later years? You don’t want to regret anything, that’s for sure. So get out, learn about the world, and help others. You never know how your one day at the nursing home could affect the rest of someone else’s’ life.

5. Exercise for a cause.

Love to work out? Love to give back? Why not do both at the same time? Charity Miles is a free iPhone/Android app that allows you to sponsor a charity while you exercise. Whether you are walking, running, or biking, your physical activity can help donate to a charity of your choice! With more than 30 charities to pick from, you can choose how and where you want to give. It’s simple: the app tracks your distance, and you raise a certain amount of money by the end of your exercise for your chosen organization. You get to improve the welfare of the world while improving your own health. How cool is that?

So what are you waiting for?

Don’t wait until you’re older to make a difference in the world. Another great resource we love is This website offers online and offline opportunities to give back in your community!

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