A Moment of Magic – Making Fairytales a Reality

One Disney movie night and the desire to do good in the world later... A Moment of Magic was born.

One Disney movie night and the desire to do good in the world later... A Moment of Magic was born.

The Making of the Magic...

In a world where it is easy to overlook the beauty of life, Kylee McGrane has taken it upon herself to bring magic to those who need it most. Like almost every other college student, Kylee was unsure about where she wanted her career path to take her. With a double major in English and Communication as well as a minor in Business, there were plenty of paths she could have taken. But, her path became clear during Christmas break 2014.

Kylee said, “I’ve always really been inspired by Taylor Swift and her work with pediatric cancer” and she always knew that she wanted to “help other people and try to make the world a better place.” So after falling in love with Disney’s Pixar movie Frozen’s story line and seeing herself as one of the main characters, Princess Elsa, A Moment of Magic Foundation was born.

Brave, strong, and fearless

A Moment of Magic Foundation is a non-profit organization that enlists in the help of college-age student volunteers to dress up as princesses, superheroes, and other fairytale characters and visit children at children’s hospitals and social service institutions. They operate on the mission of ‘restoring the magic of believing at a time when a child needs to just be a kid, and reminding them to be brave, strong, and fearless.’ A Moment of Magic became an official non-profit organization in March 2016 and since then they have worked with children in 27 different states and 3 countries, with the organization growing everyday.

The first visit was in 2015 at Cohen’s Children’s Hospital in Long Island. Kylee said that after this first visit her experience was all she could talk about and, “volunteering in this way was all I wanted to do and I wanted was to share this experience with others so we could reach more kids.” While the children getting these visits from their favorite princesses and superheroes are tickled pink, Kylee says she is the one privileged to be welcomed into the hospital rooms, homes, and arms of these children and families.

A Moment of Magic is rewarding for many more, other than just the children Kylee and her team do work for. Many volunteers have expressed their sense of belonging and purpose because of A Moment of Magic and have said it is their favorite part of their school experience. “That’s such a touching, surreal sentiment that truly touches me on so many levels.”, Kylee admitted. “Every single person or sentiment is something I truly value and remember. It’s so special that A Moment of Magic can be a home away from home for other people, because that’s what it is to me.”, she also stated.

A Real Life Princess

Kylee’s favorite princesses to dress up as are Elsa, Rapunzel and Cinderella. She said, “I would love to dress up as Tinkerbell, but i’m a bit too tall.” Outside of A Moment of Magic, Kylee likes to stay active by traveling and yoga. She’s also a fashionista and runs her very own blog and vlog, writing about fashion and photography are some of her favorite things to help keep her busy!

Out of all the joy that has come from A Moment of Magic, Kylee said one of her favorite parts are “those moments that you spend with the child and just see them light up and everything else fades away.” A Moment of Magic brings children so much happiness and new found motivation they continue to hold onto day, weeks, and months after the visit from their favorite fairytale character. “Those relationships that I value so much, that i never imagined i would be so lucky to have. We become bonded in a way that’s so special and that’s why we do what we do.” I think it is safe to say Kylee has fulfilled her hope to make the world a better place, and we are all truly thankful for everything you do, Kylee, and cannot wait to see A Moment of Magic change more lives of children in the future!

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If you are interested in starting a chapter at your college, visit Also, check out Kylee’s personal blog at!  Kylee has also interviewed with The IN's Podcast

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Take a peek into the life of Kylee McGrane and how she has made fictional fairytale characters become real life for ailing children all over the globe.

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