Meet Lilly: The Brave Little Girl that the Lilly Choker is Named After

Up until now, every piece of jewelry made by ROX has been named after a person who has had a significant impact on our founder, Taylor Watts' life.  Through collaboration with A Moment of Magic Foundation's (AMOM) founder, Kylee McGrane, we have launched a collection of pieces that give back specifically to AMOM.  In naming the most recent piece for the collection, a choker with playful rose gold hearts, we asked Kylee if there was a special person she wanted to name it after.  She did: Lilly.  We were absolutely touched when we heard Lilly's story, and knew that we had to share it.

Meet Lilly:

Meet Lilly the Pediatric Cancer Survivor that inspired ROX's Rose Gold Heart Choker that Gives Back to A Moment of Magic FoundationMeet Lilly, a strong little girl that inspired us all at ROX Jewelry, and is the namesake of a Rose gold heart choker that donates to A Moment of Magic Foundation

"Lilly was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma at 16 months old. She was sick as an infant but this was a shock and changed our lives forever. Lilly has fought through chemotherapy, blood transfusions, countless pokes, monthly anesthesia, surgeries, and being on a ventilator. She went through PT to learn to walk again and get her strength back up after losing half her body weight. Lilly lost her hair but never her smile! After almost a year of stable scans, Lilly had a relapse. Lilly’s tumor is close to her spine but not spreading at the moment and we plan to graduate into survivorship and have a big celebration in a few years. Lilly is still closely monitored at her local Children’s Hospital to make sure the tumor remains stable with scans and injections." 

- Kylee McGrane


ROX will continue to support A Moment of Magic Foundation, and hope you will too! Shop the Lilly Choker and other items of our A Moment of Magic Collection now!

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