Safe In Austin - Rescuing Animals and Children!

A ranch not too far outside of Austin, Texas has devoted their time to rescuing animals and pairing them up with children in need to bring them both joy and true friendship!

"You never soar so high as when you stoop down to help a child or an animal."

Being a huge animal lover myself I was thrilled when I came across Safe in Austin and started doing my research. Not only do they have a ton of different types of animals, they are all rescues in need of some good loving and nurturing. If that doesn’t spark your interest enough, they go a step further and do all they can to join children in need of some loving too with these furry and fluffy critters. Jamie Wallace-Griner is the founder of Safe in Austin and the brains behind the operation. Of course she can’t do it all herself so she has her husband David, 3 children and volunteers on her side to help run the ranch.

So how did Safe in Austin come to be? Jamie shared that about 6 years ago her and her husband decided to bring an Autism service dog named Angel into their son’s life that ended up changing his world forever. Angel gave her son a sense of security that allowed him to grow his confidence and feel comfortable enough to talk with strangers and eventually in front of crowds of people wanting to hear his and Angel’s story. And that is how Safe in Austin was born. Ever since then they have been rescuing animals from backgrounds of abuse, neglect or special needs and introducing them to children with similar stories to start a road of healing and friendship. Jamie has countless more heartwarming tales on her website, but I must forewarn you, have a box of tissues nearby before you start reading…

Some of the locals at Safe In Austin...Some of the residents of Safe In Austin enjoying a big family dinner!

There are over 100 special needs animals that have been rescued and live at the ranch permanently and they have rescued, rehabilitated and rehomed more than 120 in the past couple of years. Of the 100’s of animals living on the ranch you can find dogs, cats, ponys, pigs, goats, turkeys, chickens, ducks, rabbits, squirrels, and a tortoise. The most unique animals they’ve had is probably the squirrels. “They were confirmed orphaned and brought to us for bottle feeding. It was a big commitment bottle feeding five baby squirrels every three hours! They have now been released to live freely in the woods, but have so far decided to stick close and visit!”  The ranch welcomes visitors, all you have to do is contact Jamie to set up a visit or make sure to go on a public day! Volunteers are always needed at Safe In Austin to help feed and take care of the animals, just head on over to the website to fill out a volunteer application. The ranch is not quite complete, Jamie has hopes to hopefully one day add a barn to the property and to house cows that are in need of a safe place to live.one of the five squirrels that was brought to the ranch hanging out in her "banana hammock"

A match made in heaven!

I can only imagine how difficult it would be to choose a favorite experience since Safe In Austin started, but Jamie had a recent visitor that has stuck out in her mind. “A three year old girl who has a “lucky hand”, and I had the privilege of introducing her to our turkey Priscilla who also has a “lucky hand”! It was amazing to see them together and talk about how beautiful and unique they both are!” I’ve truly enjoyed the time I have taken to read the different stories from Safe In Austin and will now be devoted to following along as the ranch carries on and hopefully even make it out there to visit or volunteer myself one day. Thank you so much, Jamie, for giving these animals a safe place to call home and children a way to bring pure joy and love into their lives. I cannot wait to see more lives being changed because of the work you and your family are doing with Safe In Austin!

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