Women Crush Wednesday with Shruthi Parker!

Puppies, shopping, and traveling, just a few things Shruthi Parker does in style!

The Girl in the Flower Crown

You have probably found yourself creeping on her instagram or stumbling across one of her posts about an exciting global feat, either way, Shruthi Parker will draw you in with her vibrant personality you get from her writing and her undeniable positivity.

After spending some years not living in Austin, Texas throughout her elementary and highschool career, Shruthi found herself back in Austin for college and has called it home ever since. She now is an ATX lifestyle writer and has an influential instagram following with almost 60K followers. She touches on all things she is passionate about such as her faith, travel, love, and style. Shruthi built her instagram by simply being herself. She worked hard to produce consistent content and made it a priority to connect with her followers by being responsive and staying true to who she is. She said, “ I’ve definitely fallen into comparison, but then I realize that I’m only listening to the negative voice in my head when I do that! I have so much to be grateful for, and I’m thankful for being the person that I am! When I let that person breathe, my work succeeds.” I think everyone can relate to that! When she’s not lifestyle bloggin’, she is probably at Alamo Drafthouse watching a movie and having a delicious milkshake, a girl after my own heart!

Fresh as a Daisy!

All it takes is peaking at Shruthi’s work for 5 seconds to notice all the bright colors and appealing aesthetics she’s got going on. In other words, her style is definitely a breath of fresh air! That makes sense because says nature is one of her biggest inspirations. When asked where someone gets their style inspiration from, I think a lot of people initially think of someone else (I know I do. Like Bella Hadid, Hailey Baldwin, ya know…) that’s not the case for Shruthi. “I don’t really look up to anyone style-wise because I think style is unique to each person’s personality” she says, “I think we were all made uniquely and therefore our style will represent that!’’ and I couldn't agree more. Embracing individuality and being your own style inspo? Shruthi’s got the right idea! When it comes to shopping, her favorite hidden gem is ‘Uptown Modern’ and any of the other little stores off Burnet Rd in Austin!

More than just the View

From Costa Rica, to Indonesia, England, Iceland, Portugal and many others (travel goals), Shruthi said her favorite travel experience was definitely Marrakesh, Morocco. Shruthi takes advantage of her travel adventures and looks at them as opportunities to learn as much as she can, rather than just visiting and being an everyday tourist. In Marrakesh she mentioned specifically that she found beauty in the people. “I’ve never seen, felt or heard anything like it. People were Arab, but speaking French but in the continent of Africa!” Personally I haven’t had the opportunity to journey outside of the country, but when I do I fully plan on learning from Shruthi and will pay attention more to the culture rather than just the scenic views!

Shruthi on one of her many travels in PhuketShruthi on a fun adventure in Phuket!


This wouldn’t be a proper blog post if I didn’t talk about Shruthi’s 2 furbabies you’ve probably seen all over her feed! Her favorite spot to take them is, of course, Zilker Park. If you haven’t gotten the chance to take your pups, you should definitely plan a day to visit this summer. No matter how big or how small, Shruthi says, “It’s so exhilarating to watch your dogs run at full speed and stretch their legs!” I know I have seen my four-legged baby doing that proud prance!

Shruthi's 2 cute pups!2 cute pups to match 1 cute blogger!

True Joy is a Choice...

Her social medias and blog goes beyond just sharing stories and thoughts for fun. Shruthi has created a place where people can come to be inspired, find confidence and most importantly learn. “One of the main things I want my followers to learn from my Instagram and blog is to think for themselves. There are no cemented ideas when it comes to pretty much anything. You need to think for yourself and push yourself to question things. I also hope they realize that true joy is a choice. You can choose to feel joy on a daily basis.” You do not realize the importance in picking and choosing who you follow because ultimately you end up looking at their posts probably everyday. I appreciate a blogger who is using her platform and voice to spread cheer and positivity and have found following Shruthi Parker has brought my feed nothing but joy! Thank you for always sharing your kind words, Shruthi, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for you!

                              ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

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