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Kayla Recycled Denim Necklace with Blue Sodalite Pendant

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The Kayla Recycled Denim and Sodalite Pendant Necklace is a made-to-order piece that begins with a piece of sodalite that is taken out of the waste stream from mine tailings. The stone is rigorously inspected to ensure that it meets our quality standards.  Next, it is carefully cut, polished, faceted, and strung on a piece of recycled denim which is also taken out of the waste stream. Next, the material is knotted to create a clasp featuring a ceramic bead, which is an homage to an ancient jewelry construction technique.  Every Kayla is made by hand in Austin, Texas, USA by our artisans that are paid ethical, living wages.  Before each is sent out, they are inspected again for quality, before being carefully packaged and shipped out.  $5 is donated to the charity of YOUR choice, because, well that's what we're all about.  What's more? In crystal healing, sodalite is believed to promote self-expression and confidence.


$5 is donated to the charity of your choice with purchase, just put the charity of your choice in the box at the top of your cart page! 
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A breakthrough piece that challenges the notion that denim is just for clothing. The Kayla was designed for the girl that isn't afraid to wander off the beaten path or to take a risk by challenging the status quo.  In this day and age, her self assurance and confidence provide a rare breath of fresh air.  

 • $5 is donated to the charity of your choice with purchase (click here to learn more)

• In addition to this piece donating to charity, it's also from made from 100% recycled denim, which means that you get to support the environment as well! 

• Handmade in Austin, Texas
• Chain Made from 100% Recycled Denim
• Sodalite Drop Pendant
• Nickel & Lead Free
• Ceramic Bead Closure

Why Sodalite?

We chose to use sodalite rather than the more popular crystals lapis lazuli or lazurite.  Lapis and lazurite crystals typically have blue streaks, with more ultramarine coloration with gold pyrite inclusions, while sodalite has a characteristically more royal blue coloration accompanied with a white streak.  We wanted our crystal pendant to mimic and flow the white and blue colors of the denim, rather than to contrast it.

Fun Fact! 
Sodalite is believed to promote self-expression and confidence. Kind of fits into Kayla's story well, don't you think?