At ROX, helping people is our number one priority. Period. It's our core. It's our passion. It's why this company was built. It's the reason we will have a too many cups of coffee in the day and stay up half the night working-- joking! (kind of...)
"No one has ever become poor by giving"
How do we give back? It's simple. We create high quality, hand-crafted pieces and donate $5 per jewelry item and various amounts for other items to the charity of your choice, that you enter upon checkout. Give back, and look good while doing it. 
Q: But wait --Isn't $5 a lot to take out of your profit? 
A: Yes, it is. The goal is to give back as much as we can.  
ROX Jewelry Shop - Innovative startup in Austin, TX that makes high-quality, handmade jewelry and gives a portion back to charity for each item sold the customer decides where the donation goes

We understand that each our customers have their own causes and organizations that they are passionate about. Therefore, as of November 1st, 2017, we have decided to move from selecting a charity of the month within the company, to instead, allowing our customers to decide which organization they would like to benefit.  How?  There is a box at checkout that allows you to write in which qualifying charitable organization you would like that donation to go towards!  Let's get giving together. 

In summer of 2018, we started working with various non-profit organizations to create special edition items that specifically donate to those charities.  Those items can be found under the Charity-Specific Items section under ALL JEWELRY on the drop down menu. 


For questions pertaining to which organizations qualify*, please refer to the IRS' definition of a 501(c)(3) organization.

Not sure where you want to donate to? 



*Organizations entered at checkout that do not qualify will not receive donations.  The donation from unqualified entries will be redirected to a qualifying organization at the discretion of ROX Jewelry LLC. 

*If an organization requires a minimum donation that is not met by the total of your order and/or orders of others that chose that organization by the end of the month, then donation(s) will be redirected to a qualifying organization at the discretion of ROX Jewelry LLC.