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Custom Name Date or Text Thick Brass Silver Color Bracelet Cuff that Gives Back to Charity by ROX Jewelry in Austin, Texas » Great Gift ideas for her under $30

Hand Stamped Thick Aluminum Bracelet Cuff

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A Labor of Love

The Hand Stamped Thick Aluminum Bracelet Cuff is a made-to-order piece that begins with an Aluminum Blank, which is carefully stamped by hand to make the phrase of your choosing.  Next, the metal is artfully worked to shape it into the cuff bracelet shape. Every Stamping piece is made by hand in Austin, Texas, USA by artisans that are paid ethical, living wages.  They are checked for quality, carefully packaged, and then shipped out. 


$5.00 is donated to the charity of your choice with purchase, just put the charity of your choice in the box at the top of your cart page! 
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• $5 is donated to the charity of your choice with purchase (click here to learn more)
• Handmade in Austin, Texas 
• Ethically waged
• Skinny aluminum cuff bracelet - 5/8" x 6" 
• One size - Aluminum is a light-weight, bendable metal, so you can stretch it out or squeeze it to find the right fit for you.  Because of this, it is prone to bending, so please be mindful of this if adjusting the bracelet.
• Custom text for just $2.00 more! 

NOTE: For custom items that are returned to us due to customer error (invalid address, not picking it up, not paying any VAT taxes, we are not able to refund you for the item.)