ROX Jewelry Shop - Whitney Real Pink Rose Quartz Crystal Stone Convertible Choker Necklace Bracelet Pendant with Vegan Suede Ethical  jewelry benefitting charity handmade Austin Texas

Whitney Rose Quartz Pink Vegan Suede Adjustable/ Convertible Bracelet, Pendant, and Choker Necklace

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The Whitney is inspired by that bubbly, fun, and loving friend in your life!  She's so sweet, you can't believe it, and so is this piece! It is a bracelet, a choker, a pendant necklace, and a drop necklace all at the same time! How will you style your Whitney?

• $5 is donated to the charity of your choice with purchase (click here to learn more)
• Handmade in Austin, Texas
• Rose Quartz Hexagonal Spear
• Vegan Suede
• Nickel-Free
• Silver-plated
• Minimum Loop Size approx. 7" Circumference
• Length from Loop to Pendant at minimum Loop Size approx. 26.5"